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Weall desire to live a healthy life, but sometimes accidents or injury may occurleaving you with pain. It may be around your Back, Wrist, Feet or any part ofthe body. If you find yourself in such a situation, do not panic. At HK MedicalServices, we provide high-quality products that can help alleviate pains aroundthe body. We have a team specialized in orthotics, medical braces, compressionstockings, and Tens machines. Whatever your problem may be, we can help providea lasting solution. Book a session with us now and be sure to experience apain-free life once again.

Custom Orthotics

In reality, not everyone is born with perfect feet. Even if you once had what you desired, stress and a hectic schedule can make your feet hurt every day. It may be the shoe you wear or a medical condition that may leave you in your current state. Here at HK Medical Services, we offer quality services that help alleviate your pain. We make use of custom orthotics to help patients move freely again. It will ease the hurt in your feet and leave you feeling much better.

Our custom orthotics have numerous benefits and these includes:
Improves Knee, Back and Ankle health

Custom orthotics are also helpful for people who may be experiencing back, knee and ankle pain. Your back, knee and Ankle depend on your feet to maintain a healthy range of motion and proper alignment. With custom orthotics, this should not be a problem.
Relieve pressure

Custom orthotics provide support as they redistribute the pressure from your feet as you carry out your daily activities. If you have to stand all day, or you have arthritis, this will be of great benefit to you. If you are still interested in learning more about the numerous benefits of custom orthotics, you can schedule a visit or send an email.

Medical Bracing

Injuries, surgeries and medical conditions can leave you with chronic pain around your body. To get some relief from pain, it is recommended that you get a medical brace. We advise patients to make use of medical braces as they help reduce movement around the injured part of the body. This enables it to prevent further injury and heal faster.

Our medical braces are designed to keep your muscles and bones in proper alignment. This will help reduce discomfort around the affected part of the body. This will allow you to work and perform your daily activities freely.

HK Medical Services carries a variety of medical braces that are made specifically for each body part. No matter the activity you indulge in every day, our braces are designed to help you perform your daily task with maximum comfort.

We are interested in making your rehabilitation easily affordable. Our product and services are of the highest quality. We offer the best services through our specialized team, who are trained to help you recover quickly. If you reside around Delta BC, you can make a stop in our company or you can email us to book an appointment. Remember, your health remains our number one priority. Thus, we ensure we give you the best.

Compression Stockings


Today, individuals make use of compression stocking for general body comfort. It enables them to perform better in sports, and to prevent potential medical conditions. Generally, these stockings help increase blood flow.

Medical grade compression stockings offer comfort to all ages, gender, and professions. It helps decrease the risk of insufficiency problems and chronic diseases that may develop in an individual’s lower extremities.

Rather than spend a fortune on massage, these stockings can help alleviate pain and increase blood flow freely. It also prevents your legs from getting achy and tired. They also help reduce swelling on the feet and ankle.

Always ensure that they are not too long as this may have an adverse effect. Avoid folding or rolling the tops down, as it can make them too tight. In severe cases, it can cut off circulation or cause blood flow problems around the leg.

If you require more detailed information, you can book an appointment with us at HK Medical Services. We provide you with the best compression stockings in Delta BC. We have a team of experts that are specialized in helping individuals get the best out of our products. Feel free to email us as our customer support team is always available.

Tens Machine

Many people struggle with nerve pains around our body. Some have had to live with such pains for years. This is why we recommend the Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulator (TENS). It administers electric current through the skin. This helps alleviate your pain as it acts as a painkiller to the body.

A Tens machine may be used to ease many types of long term pain, which include:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Joint and Nerve pain
  • Muscle pain

While making use of the TENS machine, you will feel a non-painful buzzing or tingling sensation. This helps to reduce your pain. They are two electrodes which are normally positioned around the pressure points. We advise that to get the best of this product, you should keep your body in motion. You may engage in exercises, do some house chores, or even take a walk.

If you are confused about how the product works, feel free to talk with us at HK Medical Services. We have a specialized team who is willing to assist you. Within just a short time, you can be assured of getting back to normal. Your health remains our priority, so we ensure our clients get the best of our services.