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HK Medical Services

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From Tens Machines, Compression Stockings, Orthotics to Medical Supports and Braces, we carry it all.

Our Products

At HK Medical services, we have top quality products to help alleviate your pain. We offer medical braces for any part of your body, orthotics, compression stockings and tens machine. All our products are used by experts who are trained and licensed, so you can be assured of our high quality. We specialize in the following:

These are unique shoe or heel inserts normally prescribed by a doctor and are customized to your requirements. We have certified team members that can prescribe orthotics to handle cases around the foot, leg or back. Orthotics are not just shoes or heel pads that can be purchased at any athletic store. This is why we recommend you visit us at HK Medical Services. Our experts seldom prescribe orthotics except in cases where other treatments like exercises have proved abortive.

Unlike your normal stockings, these are different as they are specially designed for compression therapy. They apply soothing pressure to your ankles and legs, increasing blood flow around your legs down to your heart. Do you experience pain around your legs and ankles? Instead of spending a small fortune on a massage, our compression socks can perform the magic. If you are confused about the mechanism of this device, you can visit our experts at HK Medical services. We will provide you with all the assistance you require.

You may be recovering from minor surgery or may have an injury through sport or work-related activity. Such a situation can make you feel down as your daily routine has to be restricted. Why don’t you get yourself a Medical Brace as this can help you recover while continuing with your daily task? We have different types of braces. This includes the foot and ankle brace, the back brace, the knee brace, the shoulder brace, the wrist support brace, the posture brace and many more. They can be purchased at our store at affordable rates. If you have questions, our consultation experts are available to discuss them with you.

The Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (Tens) is a device that acts as a painkiller to the human body. It transmits electrical pulses through the skin and alleviates pain. Our Tens Machine works by releasing endorphins to help relieve discomfort and aches by confusing pain signals inside the brain. To get the best out of our Tens machine, keep yourself busy by engaging in activities that keep your body in motion. You may take a walk, do some household chores or engage in exercises. If you have a problem understanding how this device works, we are always ready to assist in whatever way we can.

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Why HK Medical Services

Everybody wants to stay fit and healthy, but sometimes due to time and unforeseen occurrences, accidents happen. Such situations can be alarming, leaving us depressed and sad. Regardless of the problem, HK Medical Services is established to assist individuals with medical conditions. It may be a fractured knee, a fractured elbow, broken wrist, pain around the back, compression around the leg or even nerve pain. Whatever it is, we have got you covered. If you reside in Delta BC you can visit us today or book an appointment to know more about all the various services we offer.

Medical Braces and supports Reasons for getting Orthotics, stockings or Medical Braces:

Everyone wants to live a healthy and good life. However, our hectic schedule might make this difficult. It’s understandable if you develop pain in pressure points in your body. With the advent of technology, quick and long-lasting solutions are offered by our team members. This allows you to recover quickly. Irrespective of the level of pain you might be feeling, we are always ready to help. Here at HK Medical Service, we know all about the human body. Thus, we have the expertise and experience to recommend the very best products for your body. We are always ready to help you remain at your peak!